Natalia BakerI was born in India at the foot of the Himalayan Mountains. Russian mother, English father. Very unsettled childhood: 8 schools in 5 different countries. My brothers and sisters were full, half, adopted and step! Travel, upheaval, much love and also much trauma, heartbreak and conflict, including child sexual abuse. I was lost. I only knew who I was in the most superficial social sense and had no system of thought to make sense of life.

Through all these early years an inner light beckoned me. I could not wait to get into bed at night because I saw visions of angels and illuminated beings in the style of the old masters’ paintings, but they were always partly concealed by clouds. I did not realise then the clouds represented the issues which required healing. Inside was a burning desire to find some “truth”, to know myself, to understand this perplexing life and how it works. Why the suffering? Why are we here? What drives us? What gives us meaning? No doubt questions you have asked yourself.

natalia_baker_photosWhilst searching for answers to these questions I followed a very varied and full life doing many jobs including singing with a jazz band and being a folk singer for a while. A common thread has been teaching from Grade 1 through to high schools, to Teachers’ Training Colleges and eventually lecturing at the University of Cape Town. My academic CV was 36 pages but when I switched to metaphysics in 1989 it was like coming home. I feel passionate about it and it feels as though this is what I came here to do.

I was married for 30 years to a wonderful, warm, funny, weathered-looking man who described himself as “an old granadilla”. He died in 2000. Today I am held in a loving network of friends and family, including three delightful step-daughters. I live on my own in a beautiful house on the water’s edge in Marina da Gama, Cape Town. I love the garden. It is my sanity and hobby, as is music and reading. I am very disciplined so can get quite rigid with the day to day running of my life. It is the only way to cope with the workload, but I exercise and meditate almost daily.

Finally, like many people, I sometimes have a burning desire to go Home, to reconnect with those who have transitted: husband, parents, family and friends and, of course, to have a good rest! My beloved teacher and friend, St Germain, just says to me “You have more work to do. Get on with it. You can come Home after that.”