Available Workshops

Basic Tools

A helpful practical 2 session course for learning or revising how to:

protect yourself and your environment  / cleanse your aura and chakras / ground yourself / balance your 4 bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) / de-cording yourself from psychic attachments to another / empower yourself / connect with your soul / and more

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Money Money Money

This workshop works deeply with your beliefs and perceptions around money.With techniques which are enjoyable you will heal yourself of fears around lack and undeserving.The work is magical.You can flourish in a life of abundance and prosperity.

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“This workshop was brilliant.” – Janet

“At last – I understand about money and have shifted out of struggle.” – Liza

“What a relief to let go the angst.” – Johann

“This work has made me feel expansive, joyful and free about my life – at last!” – Jason

“Me and money – we are dancing happily together now.”  – Hennie

What Are You Attracting to Yourself? Explore Your Mirrors

Our outer world faithfully reflects back to us the unconscious projections, judgements, reactions, criticisms, prejudices and belief systems of our inner world. This workshop gives you surprising insights and understandings about yourself. We can release the negative mirrors and live in self-love, acceptance and real freedom.


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“What a relief to learn that mirrors express themselves in so many different ways. I now have peace and understanding on what my mirrors are and how they reflect in my life”. – Terry

“”I found your workshop to be really important” as I had a chance to look at myself without judgement. That was a great gift for it affords me a different way of dealing with my reality.” – Hannelore