Coming to your Senses

I get so excited because my senses has come alive in a completely new way. I have never felt them so intensely, beautifully, deeply, intriguingly. It started when I became addicted to silence. It allowed me to immerse myself into every sound, sight, taste, smell and touch. Hearing the birds at dawn, the first duck quack of the day on the water where I live, experiencing the electricity in the prana in the fresh morning air, becoming so sensitive to the exquisite change of light from night to day, the streaks of colour lighting up the morning sky.

They also made me reflect how dark and light play with each other. The light from the sun sends its streaks across the houses, mountains and water absorbing the dark: they play with each other. They play the illusion of reality and when night comes, the light gives way to the dark and the game has changed! O what a sensual journey! These are days of deep joy, delight and anticipation. They make me want to dance and sing.

Let me not get too carried away for there are important things to explore here! You, beloved reader, are awakening, are you not? What happens when you awaken? You start to feel again. Feeling is sensory awareness. Increased consciousness and sensitivity to everything is not only experienced in your present environment but also in the dimensions within and around you.

On our healing journeys to reclaim our selves, I have seen individuals, especially women, making every effort to bring their senses alive again. If we were damaged as children, either experiencing rejection, abuse, abandonment, unworthiness, humiliation, or any other negative state,  we lose our natural connection with our senses because we lose the true sense of ‘I-ness’ The fact that we have to reclaim them is part of our healing. So here we are, some years down the line, having stepped into the new energy and undoubtedly feeling more whole, integrated, powerful – and may I say it? – divine! And our senses are becoming alive and well again.

Have you noticed what makes you more tired than anything? It’s thinking! It fact, you can get so tired you might even ask ‘What’s wrong with me?’ Whereas physical activity, done in a balanced way, actually draws more energy to us and moves old stuck energy out of our body, revitalising us, the mind restricts the natural flow of energy. It ruins our sensual day and makes our body sluggish. Experiencing our senses truly affects our energy levels. We become so immersed in the present, in the ‘I-ness’ of ourselves, we go through life madly in love with ourselves and the earth. Remember, we can do things on this plane which we cannot do anywhere else. There is no place like earth for biting into a juicy apple, savouring a cup of coffee, feasting on colours, stroking a cheek, giving someone a hug!

Breathing into the senses can make them more alive. It opens and expands their range and they literally tune you into non-physical realms, Let me give you some examples. Have you ever smelt the scent of an angelic presence? I was with a loved friend and the atmosphere became very still and beautiful. It felt as though we were held in sacredness. Then we both smelt the scent of freesias. It was the presence of an angel. The other night I struggled to sleep but experienced someone placing a bunch of Lilies of the Valley, a favourite flower, beside me on the pillow. When I asked who had done this the reply came ‘I am your father’. It was an intense experience which made me weep and was very comforting. . Perhaps you have heard celestial music or flowing water, someone speaking to you, seeing radiant colours. Let me re-iterate: as we activate our senses in the physical realms so they lead us into experiences in the subtle realms.

There is a further point to this. Years ago, when I taught people how to hone their visualisation skills, I discovered that whichever sense was the strongest in an individual, (in most of us it is the ability to see and hear), that would be the most active sense on the inner planes. Occasionally, a person would have an exceptionally sensitive sense of smell. When they were imaging in an altered state of consciousness they smelt everything rather than seeing or hearing.

Through breathing and engaging our physical sense we can use them in a far broader and expansive manner.


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Try these exercises:

Stimulating your senses through the breath.  Breathe very consciously making a choice to breath into every sense as you look at something (anything), then hear sounds around you (or choose a specific sound like a wind chime, music or voices), taste something slowly and mindfully (a herb leaf is excellent), smell something like a piece of fruit, a spice, or simply the air around you and finally, use your sense of touch by stroking your skin, your clothing or the arm of your chair. All the time you are breathing in the experience.

Using your senses interchangeably Take a bright piece of cloth, any colour but it is easiest if it is one colour, not patterned. Absorb yourself in the colour. Using your imagination, experience very slowly the sound it makes, its smell (not the smell of the cloth but the smell of the colour), how the colour would feel with your tactile sense and finally how the colour would taste.


When we use our senses in this way – tasting music, seeing smells, hearing colours, – it is not some fanciful exercise but a way in which you can develop them most usefully. For instance, your sense of hearing could be used to detect energies in colours or a person’s state of health. I am sure you know of the exercise in which you tune into a troubling physical condition. You first imagine what shape it is, how it feels to touch (spongy, slimy, hard and so on), how it smells, what colour it is, what sound it makes (such as sobbing, whining, keening, screaming) and finally, translating the sound into words. The insight you gain into the emotional/mental cause of the condition if generally very helpful.

Finally, our senses are going to be very important in the future because the sensitivity and awareness we are able to invest in them gives us feedback on our environment, situations, people, our experience. This is felt, not through the head, but in the body, like biological antennae through which we receive information about the world around us.

For example, you would use your senses like a sensor to assess the energy of a person. I am not referring to a character analysis – that is something different – but their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. You can do this even from a photo, which has been done with uncanny accuracy by some healers. I remember years ago asking a wise, enlightened man about a book. He simply held it between his hands and gave an accurate account of its content and value. You could have fun extending your sensors to feel the energy in a mountain nearby, a crystal, a cave, even a planet.

Have a wonderful sensual day!