Being Real is the new Perfection

Counselling appointments available:

Face-to-face: Marina da Gama, Cape Town
Telephonic: 27-(0)21 – 7882900
Skype: Natalia_Baker

I have journeyed into the depth of darkness and to the highest points of the mountains. It is the wisdom gained with compassion through which we will together create your emergence. 

My invitation to you is for us to create breakthroughs from pain and limitations to peace and the joy of release.

I am a lay counsellor trained at Life Line, Western Cape and counselled for this organisation for 18 years. I was also involved in training, supervising and selecting counsellors as well as being Chairperson of Life Line Western Cape and Vice Chair of Life Line Southern Africa. I have much experience with the sound basic tools of counselling (reflective listening, positive regard, non-judgement and so on) as well as being gifted with a highly attuned intuition and much life experience. The enormous amount of inner work I have done on myself also supports my work as a counsellor.


“The session was very helpful, enlightening, warming and I can say that I haven’t felt held in a session like that before.”

“You have a way of asking the right questions and making the right observations at the right time. And I always have the feeling that you understand deeply and that I can really trust you.”

“Thank you for giving me the clarity I needed to realise what is the right thing for me to do.”

“You are always so helpful and rooted in compassion.”

“I am at ease now, surrendering more and more. I feel at peace after my time with you.”

“Thank you very much for a deeply meaningful and inspiring session.”