Anger is healthy but needs to be channelled in constructive ways or it distorts your view and experience of life.

It is helpful to understand at the deepest level anger is due to not feeling heard or considered. When it is positively expressed (that means we take responsibility for it and are able to speak clearly and honestly about what has upset us), it can be constructive in that you come to better understanding with the other person.

For many of us anger sits dormant and unexpressed for years and toxifies relationships and life experience. You may unconsciously be angry about many things from the past and you dump it all on one poor person. You may not be doing this but many deny their anger. They don’t even realise they are angry: “Who me? But I don’t have an angry bone in my body!” they say, but at the same time they are unable to express and receive love fully. From one point of view it is an advantage to experience what you are feeling because you can work towards healing it.

Remember anger is a secondary emotion. Under the anger is fear, usually fear of rejection or abandonment. Have you experienced releasing anger and then having a good cry? It is because you have accessed the real feeling underneath the emotion. If you are able to release your anger you will start to feel free and calm. It gives you the most wonderful sense of release! You may need to do these meditations a couple of times and keep repeating these affirmations. 

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 Healing Meditations for anger release

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