Worry and anxiety are always based in fear. Heal the cause of these patterns and start trusting life and enjoying yourself!

Life is truly uncomfortable for people who are always feeling anxious and worried. As you leak your energy to worry and anxiety you are not able to feel any joy or satisfaction in anything you do. The more tense you become the less aware you are. The basis of the problem here is that you are not trusting yourself or life and your thoughts are no doubt going round and round – and round! It is as though you are an orphan having separated yourself out from the love and support of Mother/Father God or Source, or if you prefer, the flow of life. For a start, if you could stop living in your head and make the centre of your being your heart you would not only still your mind – which would give you a real break – but you could begin to trust yourself and your intuitive guidance. It will also be calming for you. I found if very helpful to breathe deeply and slowly, receiving love, support and confidence from the universe on the in-breath and breathing out tension and anxiety. Doing these meditations will also be a profound help to you because they will change the denser vibration of anxiety and fear to one of trust and confidence.



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