Judgement and criticism indicate our own misery and unhappiness. Compassion and acceptance for ourselves means we have it for others.

I honour everyone who recognises their habit of judgement. Many people just feel they are right and never let go this destructive pattern.  I am sure you can guess, the person who judges is really unhappy with themselves. Think about it. We are usually critical and judgemental because it has been modelled by a parent or we were trying to belong as children so the best way was to make another ‘not OK’. The degree to which we judge and criticise others is also the degree to which we are unhappy. Remember everyone does the best they can with what they know, including you and I! On my workshop to end judgement, the process which had huge impact on participants was the one where we experienced the effect our judgements and criticisms had energetically on  ourselves, others and the environment. They created real shadows and toxicity!  Restoring love to your self will make you feel kinder, happier and more tolerant and you will be serving the light! Start by being understanding to yourself when you find yourself making a judgement too. The era of love and peace will only arrive when we have compassion, meaning we allow and accept everyone and everything just as they are.



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