Life is change.  After the dark, dawn comes, the sun rises. We learn much from living in the shadows.

I feel so much for people who feel depressed. Sometimes it is just a short dip into the shadows, other times it can last for weeks or even months.  When we are in a depression we feel as though we have never experienced anything else.  If you are depressed the first area to examine is, with total honesty, if you are holding any anger.  Anger which is unexpressed, often deeply buried within us, can turn into depression. If you are angry do the meditations suggested below and read about anger in this Emotional States series. You can also ask me (details on Contact page) to e-mail you a brilliant writing process for clearing anger. In metaphysical teachings depression is described as a state in which we have become over-involved with some aspect of earthly life (perhaps, our thinking or emotions), closed down our heart and blocked the flow of energy which pours in through the crown from the soul. If you can re-establish this flow by breathing long and slow in through the crown into the heart, as well as assisting you to release the anger, the gloominess will recede and you can be peaceful and happy again.              

These meditations are only if you are feeling down and ‘off’, not if you are seriously depressed and needing professional help or medication.



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