Stress, trauma, ungroundedness, too much thinking, emotional pain can all cause disconnection. We are out of balance and lack a sense of coherence and wholeness.

It is so easy in today’s craziness and intense energies to lose connection with your inner being and your guidance system. It can make you feel somewhat aimless and lost. Some people even report they feel woozy and dizzy. It is important to ground yourself. This means really connecting with the earth. Dancing to music or simply stamping your feet will get you feeling your body again. Are you too much in your head? It can be helpful to consciously move into your heart. Most importantly, what are you feeling? Is there anything you are trying to avoid? Perhaps you could write about your feelings, minimum three A4 pages without taking your pen off the paper. You may be surprised at what comes up. Have you spent time in nature recently? It is wonderful for bringing you back to your self. Personally I have found it important to find a technique that I can use daily to reconnect me with my centre, for example, bringing earth energies up into my heart and then visualising the flow of energy from the soul above pouring into the heart. This gives you feeling of being whole, balanced and in charge of your life.



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