We either stay small, restricted  and intimidated in the old vibration of fear or we expand in the new vibrations of joy and love. It’s a choice.

Fear is the most disempowering, uncomfortable emotion in which we completely lose our ability to function effectively and authentically. The worst aspect is that we give out an energy which draws to us exactly what we don’t want. It has been said ‘hell’ is the space between the feeling and the manifestation. Make sure you are breathing deeply and slowly because fear makes your breath shallow and quick. I think it is really important here to look at where you started this pattern. What messages did you get from the adults around you when you were a child? The meditations below will help you enormously because they will change your vibration but you could also have a session with a healer who can release fear from your cellular memory. Above all, make a choice in every moment on how you will be. Energy follows thought so rather than being a victim of your fear, choose how you will be, for instance: fearless, courageous, filled with peace, joyful and happy, so with practise this is what will come about. Open yourself to receive the love of Source so you reconnect with compassion, support and safety. Remember too, fear cannot exist when your heart is open so focus on coming from love at all times.  It is the healing balm. 



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