Be an alchemist and do the inner work to create abundance and prosperity, which is your natural state. Investment in clearing old patterns brings returns.

We have so much to learn about money. It is just energy and the way we feel about it is how it manifests in our lives. Our thoughts and feelings literally ‘shape’ the way we experience it. Think of it like this: we are living in a well-stocked supermarket going around saying “Well, where’s the food?”  One of the most valuable areas you could look at is your relationship with yourself. Do you feel deserving, worthy, confident? Are you able to receive or are you immersed in lack and struggle with the belief that life is difficult and money, – well, impossible! You are blocking the flow. Change your beliefs and you will change the flow of money that comes into your life. I once heard that money is the easiest thing to manifest. Wow!  Get weaving! The meditations below are powerful and will bring you back to yourself and clear the worry. Do them regularly if you need to. They will help you get out of the habit of worrying. Remember,  abundance and prosperity are natural qualities of your true self, it is unnatural to feel lack and worry.  The meditations and affirmations help change your vibration to trust and prosperity which draws money to you for your needs and wants.



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