All energy is here to serve us and our choices direct these energies.  Through choice we can create wonderful lives.

In a state of indecisiveness, firstly, you leak your energy so lose vitality and become exhausted, and secondly, it reflects exactly how the universal energy will serve you: unclear and unfocussed. It is a bit like living in a choppy sea, being pushed this way and that way by the currents and winds. Make decisions and you become like a sleek vessel moving through the water. It is important here to attune to your feelings and sense what it is you really want, what feels right for you. What helped me to become decisive was to make my mantra “What am I feeling? What do I want at this moment?” This attuned me to what was appropriate for the time, and with practise it helped me become clear and resolved. It is a comfort to know that you cannot make a wrong decision. At this point you are merely making a choice and if you made one which was completely off-course your soul will guide you back on the path of your purpose. When you tune into your heart, your inner being, it will guide you to the right decision in every moment. You feel what is right for you.

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