Abundance is about flow.  It is about being able to receive and allowing abundance to flow through you. This is your natural state.

Firstly, take a deep breath and let yourself feel abundance.  Really feel it. It is a God-given right and it is your natural inheritance.  The universe is abundant – look at the stars in a night sky!  It pours abundance into us in every moment and our deeply inherited conditioning and beliefs will not allow us to receive it.  There is plenty of energy and plenty of abundance to go around in this world. As I wrote in the note of Financial Worries (in this series), it’s as though we are living in a well-stocked grocery store wandering around saying “But where is the food?”  Open your heart, make yourself receptive and trust.  It is your natural state to be abundant and without it you limit your ability to experience life.    Abundance allows you to enjoy life in this dimension and others!   You can be abundant in relationships, finance, your career, success, creativity, health, feeling and more.  Choose to be abundant right now.  Don’t let the brain-nag come in with its “logic”.  But how?  It’s not possible.”   Let all that go.  It is about making an energetic vibrational shift.  Let yourself experience the joy of abundance.  You will be amazed at how it comes to you.    Lastly, gratitude is a transformer. Find what you can be grateful for in your life and you will experience abundance starting to flow.   



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