To become your own sovereign being is the most important thing you can ever do. Watch your whole life change when you claim this!

Do you realise that underneath the feelings of lack of confidence and disempowerment we are great and powerful beings? As someone once said “God doesn’t make rubbish!” Make the conscious choice to be this amazing self that you really are. Start with your body. Stop standing like a question mark or a comma and carry yourself straight and tall so you are able to receive the energy pouring in from your soul. It flows into every chakra point and then into the cells of your body. Where are you being a victim and avoiding making decisions about yourself and your life? Energy is there to serve you. Start making choices. They are potent. If this doesn’t resonate with you work with healing your wounded Inner Child (in a track below). Lack of confidence is one of the primal woundings of the psyche usually from childhood. The Empowerment Technique will help you and you may be surprised and delighted at the change in yourself and how you are able to handle people and situations. If you would like any writing clearing processes I will forward them to you by e-mail (details on Contact page). They work very deeply and powerfully..


 Healing Meditations for anger release

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