There is a difference between loneliness and aloneness. Loneliness is like a wound. In aloneness you are whole, in tune and enjoying yourself.

Loneliness can be very detrimental because we eventually anaesthetize our feelings and cut ourselves off from the world around us. This is a different feeling to being on our own and quite happy with our own company. Sometimes even when we are in a group of people we can feel lonely. One of the characteristics of an initiation, often an intense growth stage on our journey, is the feeling of being totally alone, even with people around. You feel cut off from everyone but take heart: because if it is an initiation it will pass. You know we are never ever alone. We are surrounded by those in spirit who love us and are actually devoted to us. We even have our very own team of helpers and angels. Do you know when you breathe you are breathing in God? Would it help you to develop your communication skills? Are you investing in creating a fulfilling and happy life experience? This is important. Do you need to reach out to people: invite them round, connect with a group, get involved in an activity you enjoy? In the meantime, these meditations will restore the feeling of being loved and supported. Make sure you are open to receive.



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