Negative emotions and thoughts block our energy flow and decrease our vibrations. Joy and freedom come when we invest in healing these patterns.

The first step towards healing is to acknowledge the truth of how you feel and, if you can, the cause of it. Note that you may think it has to do with the world ‘out there’, but if you are truly healed and whole, whatever is said or done will have no impact on you. The suffering is in our perception, not in the fact. I found it helpful to always remember that people do the best they can with what they know. Even if they might appear impossible they can’t help it because their own woundings may be severe. So what is the cause within you? To discover it is where the real work lies for all of us and usually it is sourced in incidents from our childhood. Please work with the Inner Child meditation for a while. You will find huge shifts in you. I love the saying ‘Investment brings rewards’. It is so with our healing.  The tracks below will help heal many uncomfortable feelings: fear, anxiety, resentment, irritation, anger and many more. Make the choice to change. Do some writing on how you would like to be, for instance, optimistic, fearless, happy, peaceful and more. It can be very helpful. Next, focus on opening your heart. When your heart is open you cannot experience negativity. You become loving to yourself and all other beings.           



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