Power, joy and freedom lie in the perfect balance and alignment with our souls.

It is so easy in these intense energies to come out of balance and lose a sense of being in charge of ourselves and our lives. It is a fool-proof recipe for wafting along and ending up dissatisfied and unhappy. We have 4 bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. When one is over-used it means we have lost balance. Most of us over-use either our heads or emotions but feelings of unworthiness, undeserving and even righteousness are based in the spiritual body.  If we are over-involved with how we look or addicted to exercise or sex the imbalance will be in the physical body. When the 4 bodies are all working in harmony they provide a vessel into which the soul energy can pour itself. People who have worked with the Four Bodies Meditation suggested below have found it very interesting and revealing. If you can bring your bodies back to balance you will return to centre, focus and purpose. You will also have access to much more energy and good health.



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