Live in the present moment with trust and an open heart and see how magically life will serve you.

In these intense times of change it is very easy to feel overwhelmed, stressed and anxious. We can also easily be picking up on the chaos of the world ‘out there’ because it has its tentacles around many of us. It can make us feel helpless, hopeless and disempowered. Many people are suffering from this at the moment. We think of all we have to do instead of focussing with laser beam attention on what we are doing in the present moment and enjoying it. If you can trust yourself, and life, and really concentrate on the moment – and how you are doing the task – you will find everything will fall into place perfectly, time will become elastic, you will be in contact with your inner guidance and start to feel happy and peaceful.  Could I suggest that you commit yourself to this way of living for a while and see how it works?  Think of how you are doing something, not what you have to do – and breathe, breathe, breathe, slowly and deeply, taking in love, light and peace. Remember the power is in the present moment.  Make sure your heart is open. Steady yourself with a short meditation below and you will come back to your centre, feeling more positive and supported. By the way, take time to relax, nurture yourself or spend time in nature.



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