“Poor me” is a stagnant, unproductive place to be.  Claim yourself as a creator of joy and success, living a life with ease and grace.

There is one wonderful quality about being the victim, submerged in self-pity!   You just step out of it by making a decision to stop it now, stop it immediately.  It is as easy as that.  I have always felt the first step to “growing up”, whether at 9 or 90, is to take responsibility for ourselves.  We are creating our lives, our circumstances, our experiences every moment.  In some instances we have made the choices before we were born so there is no avoiding the responsibility for nearly everything in our existence.. Spend a moment in reflection of yourself.  What are you giving out?  What are you radiating?  Whatever it is, is what you are going to get back.  So if you are feeling sorry for yourself, feeling life is an uphill battle, feeling unappreciated, blaming, struggling, then that’s what life will reflect back to you.   How do you change it?  Take charge of your life, start making decisions about what you would like and how you are going to be.  I hope you will choose a state of optimism, empowerment, openness and love.  Energy will serve your choices.  No ‘buts’, ‘shoulds’, ‘ought to’, just choose and get on with it.  Now!



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