Stress is the consequence of resistance and fear. It is because you do not yet trust the Universe.

It is really uncomfortable to feel continual stress and tension. In the days when I used to get very tense it helped me hugely to slow down my breathing and consciously breathe in relaxation and trust and breathe out tension and anxiety. I just went on and on doing this until I felt a shift – and it really helped. It also puts you in the present moment. There is usually a sub-text going on under the stress and tension. It is some pattern like “I won’t get it right,” “I won’t be able to cope,” “It’s too much for me” and the toxin from these thoughts and emotions can wear down your whole system over time with serious consequences for your health. You might find it helpful to image you are living in a bubble of love, protection and safety. Imagine it is God or angelic support. Do some inner work on trusting yourself and life, make sure your heart is open and consciously command your body to relax. You might even start to enjoy yourself again!



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