A sage once said it is a sick mind that never stops, but the mind that reflects the heart is wise and sound.

The problem here, as you probably know, is that the mind is so programmed, indoctrinated and fed with repetitive information that it only operates with very narrow awareness, keeping our development and consciousness closed down.  The mind cannot provide answers and it always feels it is right.  It is wonderful device but has become overused.  Over-using the mind puts us out of  balance.  Please understand we are moving into a time where we use a different intelligence, it is the intelligence of the heart which is psychic, intuitive and not associative like the old brain.  It has a holistic perspective and rejects stories and dramas.  How do you access it?  Firstly, open your heart, secondly, train yourself to live into each moment with absolute acceptance of what is.    Poor old mind!  It just won’t have an opportunity to analyse, judge, and feed off emotions and it will probably be so grateful for a break!  More importantly, your thinking will be clearer and more balanced – you will definitely not lose your mind but it will work with your intuitive intelligence.  It is  helpful to keep breathing deeply into your heart to make it the centre of your being.         



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