Old mind / New mind

Our minds, like everything else, are also in the process of change. They are being re-wired to connect with our divinity. Can we trust enough to let this happen and move away from old ways of familiarity and predictability? Natalia Baker explores.

Have you noticed how increasingly you are using your intuition to make decisions, to access the truth of a situation or person? Have you noticed how suddenly you absolutely know something but you haven’t laboriously thought it out? It might be at the mundane level of what to buy someone for a gift or an important life-changing decision around a relationship or job. The only absolute truth you know about that choice is that it feels right. There is no other data to explore. It is simple, swift and potent. It allows you to live with joy, ease and grace without the dulling-down effect of too much thinking. It’s your new mind!

It stands to reason that in the face of much change during this time the way our mind’s work would also be changing. We are assailed by outer change: systems, values, advanced technology and although many are not yet tangible, we are living in a time when we know for sure certain social structures such as health, education, politics and more, no longer serve us and are going to have to change. They currently appear to be cracking but the seeds of the new have been planted and are germinating. As individuals, we are also in an upheaval of change. It is often uncomfortable because we are being stripped of old beliefs, behaviours and attitudes in order to return to an unadulterated core of self. And our bodies? They are also changing. The cells are evolving from a carbon base to a crystalline base which is why so many of us struggle with our health and undue exhaustion. And our minds are also in the process of change.

The new consciousness does not work too well with the old mind. It would be natural that a device we have used for 1,000’s of years, and largely over-used, is on its way out to be replaced with a more efficient, stream-lined and inspiring model!

I recall many years ago being a keen and dedicated university student. I suppose, because I thought I was not very intelligent, I had to work particularly hard. This belief was so deeply ingrained that even when I received firsts I still thought I was lacking. The important point I want to make here was how the mind worked. It functioned through analysis, comparisons and contrasts which were invariably based on hierarchical logic and judgement, and the results were indescribably complex and contorted. I use these last words advisedly because it felt as though mentally we were tying ourselves into tight knots and twists. The more “intellectual” and clever one seemed – and, O boy, did we try hard to be clever! – the more dull, uninspiring and unclear we became!

I recall early in my third year of English studies asking a Professor why we never did anything creative or new. Why was every year the same: just studying other people’s writings? He looked a little startled, horrified would be more accurate, and remonstrated “You are being taught critical analysis”. “O” I thought, “Well, it’s really dead boring” but I didn’t have the courage to say that. In that academic environment it seemed the more foggy and irrelevant we were to the real issues of life and living, the more intellectually successful we were. Well, I’ve been there, done that and done it thoroughly, having been an academic for 18 years, and hopefully, like you, am rearing to go ahead with the new mind!

Let me be clear before you think I am fanatical and unbalanced!

Appreciable achievements have been made through the mind but when it is working in conjunction with the intuit-tion, with creativity and inspiration, the results can be far reaching and extraordinary in their impact.

Let me explain a little more. Old mind works with tried and tested systems. It has been highly programmed with a constant set of information, rules, regulations and indoctrination. A wise man described it aptly as being in a regulated building where exits and entrances are monitored, temperature and airflow are controlled and you cannot open windows to let in the air. It is stuffy, lifeless and regimented. It works with patterns and structures. Can you sense how it is the old mind that gets us hooked into repetitive behaviour patterns which do not serve us? We get addicted to stories and dramas and the mind feeds them because it cannot let go. It is the only way it knows how to function.

New mind is free. It works entirely differently and it does not have records. It might pick up a structure for a moment but then it moves on. It has no restricting database from the past because every moment is new. It is psychic, intuitive and sees things from a holistic perspective. It works from the premise that all is unfolding just as it should, so there is nothing to battle, to fight or struggle against. All we have to do is to relax, enjoy and experience the moment fully. In short, with the new mind, we have come to the point of trust. You cannot trust life if you do not trust yourself. With new mind, trusting yourself is the basis of having a truly wonderful life experience. The old mind wants security and protection. It wants to know everything is in order. Can the old you, your old mind, identify with this? It feels comfortable when everything is knowable, predictable and safe. The new mind, because it is part of our soul, our divinity, doesn’t need that, in fact it would become a huge restriction. To put it bluntly, new mind just doesn’t care. Why would it want to limit the joy of its deepest freedom, the excitements of an unfolding life and an adventure into experience, the wonder of exploration and expansion? I am so tempted to ask you here “Are you getting it?” It’s about trusting life, trusting yourself, knowing life is unfolding into all that is positive and life-enhancing.

Here is a trivial example of old and new mind but I am going to describe it anyway. I was concerned when someone wanted on-going counselling. I do not feel qualified and am more comfortable seeing someone once, twice or just occasionally. This person was so insistent that I relented and my old mind dived in having a field day! “What will you do? You will have to prepare, you know. You can’t just chance it. It might be a total failure.” I thought with some passion and determination that I had had enough of this controlling old mind, I would trust myself and do no preparation whatsoever. Well, I’m sure you know the answer. They were the most amazing, inspiring sessions because I had let something divine and magical flow in, which would otherwise have been blocked out by the machinations of the old mind, aiming for comfort, control and predictability.

Of course, the big question is how do you get out of the old mind? Yes, it is a challenge, but not impossible, and anyway, if you are on a path of growing awareness and reading this, it is probably time for you to move on from your old mind. We all know how gloriously happy we can be when we do things which take us beyond the mind: playing, dancing, singing, creating, being fully present, living from the heart, being in nature, concentrating on our breath. There is, however, one dynamic that works profoundly effectively. It is total acceptance of everything just as it is. This is the way we live our divinity. We are present, 100% present, and we are not trying to change anything.

Total acceptance is very difficult for the old mind. It just can’t get its head – excuse me! – around acceptance because it is so used to judgement, analysis, drama and emotion. With acceptance you drop straight into your heart and our divinity can come in and take over. New mind is your divine intelligence.

I have always felt the years we were training ourselves to surrender were the precursor to total acceptance of what is. It is awesome to think of how wisdom and knowledge have been given to us over the years in a perfect unfolding of divine intelligence.

Finally, what is important is that we make the choice to unprogramme the old mind, managing it and choosing new mind. Remember when you make any choice energy will follow through to serve that choice. It may take time, it may be a challenge, but I could think of nothing more liberating, exciting and glorious than using new mind.