Think with the Heart

I recently encountered wonderful examples of the head and the heart outlook on life. I was working in Windhoek and was met at the airport by a young couple. He was despondent about the country, its leaders, wondering where it was all going to end, seeing only a steady downhill slide, busy analysing, reasoning and filled with endless questions to which there was no answer. She on the other hand, exuded enthusiasm. “Look how beautiful the country is. Have you experienced how wonderful the people are? Our president is wise and he is making many improvements but my husband doesn’t think so.” The husband was sitting in the car gloomily looking out of the window, obviously anesthetized to the beauty of the environment. She continued “I love it here. You should come and live here too.” I hoped that over the years they will grow, learn and remain open to each other for their responses revealed diametrically opposite experiences of life.

It is not my intention in this article to lambast the head and deny its value. The mind is a wonderful tool, a device. I am not even suggesting we subdue it and let it fall into disuse. It has, however, been leading us for the last few thousand years and this form of intelligence, when it is in charge, has proved itself to not always be intelligent! Look at the way our world has been run and the consequences of mental creations. Had the mind been servant to the intelligence of the heart our planet would be flourishing.

A research group, connected to Stanford University in the USA, has made some remarkable discoveries. As the foetus grows in the womb, the human heart begins to beat before the brain is formed. The researchers wondered from where the intelligence was sourced that began and regulated the heartbeat. They discovered – and this is amazing! – the heart has its own brain, a real brain with brain cells. There are only approximately 40,000 cells but obviously that is all the heart needs to function. Isn’t it fascinating how, in so many fields, science now corroborates what the mystics have known for centuries when they referred to the intelligence of the heart?

These researchers also discovered that the aura, an electro-magnetic field, is about 2 – 3 metres in diameter and toroidal-shape, like a doughnut. Drunvalo Melchizedek believes these toroidal magnetic fields are generated by the sacred point in the heart and this was proved by the scientists. They surround the planet, the Solar System and possibly the universe. This means that at any time, if your heart is open, you are connected to any other part of the planet through love. It means we can have access to knowledge and wisdom which is not only universal, but holds the design of oneness and inclusiveness, not available to the divisive patterns of the mind.

Expressed in another way, it means access to this knowledge means solutions and answers come from the ever-unfolding Intelligence of Source, inspired and perfect, and so avoiding the laboured, connect-the-dots, methods of the mind, demonstrating old systems of limited thoughts.

Whilst sharing with you the recent research on the heart it is interesting to note that a discovery indicated the heart creates the body’s strongest magnetic field. An EEG shows it is much stronger than brain waves. A reading can be taken of the heart’s frequency one metre away from the body without electrodes being attached! It is also commonly known that a wave of love is 5,000 times more powerful than a thought. Imagine then, the power of living from the heart.

I have often experienced in meditation an opening of the sacred centre of the heart and felt waves of bliss emanating from that point. It seemed they were travelling a vast distance. It sounds rather trippy but I was interested to read how the heart releases endorphins, feel-good chemicals produced by the body, described as the body’s natural morphine. They give us, and certainly it was so in my experience, a heightened feeling of being alive and an exhilarating feeling of lightness and ecstasy.

I enjoyed the biography of Hazrat Inayat Khan, the Sufi Master. When in the West, he was approached by some arrogant individuals, experienced both racial and religious prejudice and was accused of contradictions. Yet he fielded these attacks with humour, wit, humility and an open heart. A woman approached him saying “I come with a thousand complaints and in your presence I am disarmed” and he replied, “Because I have disarmed myself”. I understood from this he meant that the patterns of the mind and ego, which see difference and separation, had been replaced by compassion, understanding and love.

The heart disarms us of resistance, defensiveness, resentment, prejudice, antagonism, defensiveness, hatred, belligerence and more. In their place it brings healing, unity, accord, acceptance, compassion and ultimately the inspiration for the solution of every human problem. With this intelligence we would see the barrier of discrimination and separation dissolve. Imagine the transformation in our world.

And why is the heart so intelligent? If you look at a diagram of the structure of the human being with the different levels of the aura surrounded by the vast field of divinity, you see at the top, maybe several metres above the head, a sun with rays which stream in all directions. This is the Divine I Am Presence. One of the rays comes directly down through the aura above the head, through the soul star just above the crown, and streams down through the upper chakras coming to rest in the heart. It is evidence that this intelligence of the heart enables us to recognise all things as facets of a Creator Source and therefore connected to one omni-present Intelligence. To experience life of the highest order the heart leads, life is joyful, we are living connected with, and caring for, all.

How do we make the shift from mind to heart? It is really hard for many of us because we come from such a long history of conditioning where head was king and this is still being supported by education systems and a man-made materialistic environment. First make a clear choice to live from the heart (remember energy is there to serve you, to support your choices). Secondly, keep breathing into your heart. Thirdly, I found this visualisation very helpful. If you engage with your senses it is even more powerful.


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Sit comfortably, making sure your spine is lengthened and well supported. Bring your attention to our breath and use a lengthened exhalation to release tension in your body.

Taking your time, focus into your heart chakra and observe the perfect bud of a rose there. Notice colour, markings, shape. Breathe onto it and as you do so watch it gradually opening. What colour feels right for you today? It could be red, gold, white or pink. Pink is most effective if you are training yourself to become heart-centred or you need some healing.

When the rose is fully open indulge your senses: smell the fragrance, stroke the petals, observe the shades, hear the note it rings, taste the feeling of it. Notice the centre is a very bright golden light. Feel it radiating to every part of you, to your environment and to any place or issue which could benefit from some healing.

Come back into your body, feel the difference and make sure you ground yourself before you move on with your day.
You can at any point of the day open your heart by placing the rose in your heart charka.


Once you have experienced the phenomenal results of living from the intelligence of the heart, the extraordinary miracles, synchronicities, the healing balm brought to people and situations, the joy, peace and happiness it creates, you can choose no other way. It creates an expansion of awareness and compassion where you feel alive and vibrant. It certainly determines the impact we have in the world.