My passion is for supporting and encouraging others on their path, just as I am dedicated to my own.

It is the journey to finding that coherent centre in which body, mind and soul progress together so that life can be fulfilling, rewarding and ever expanding and we access our natural wisdom and compassion. It is knowing and healing yourself, stripping off the layers of illusion so you experience the truth of Who You Really Are.

Natalia Baker

Natalia is recognized as a leading teacher of consciousness in South Africa, with her transformative work spanning across nine different countries. Her sought-after courses and workshops are now accessible as online events, including the popular Full Moon meditation and discussions on important topical subjects.

Natalia has authored three best-selling books:

  • “Seize the Day: A Guidebook for Changing Times” – A best-seller
  • “A Self-Love Guide with 25 Exercises”
  • “Human and Divine: A Love Story”

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Her expertise extends to television, where she was the resident book reviewer for SATV’s weekly “Free Spirit” and featured in films about her life and work. Natalia was also a Wisdom Keeper on SATV2’s “Journey to the Core” and appeared on DSTV Health Channel’s meditation series, “Naturally You”. She is a frequent broadcast guest and was a regular contributor to Zone Radio’s phone-in program for two years. Her insightful articles have graced the pages of Odyssey and other publications both in South Africa and internationally.

Before delving into metaphysics, Natalia spent 18 years as a lecturer at the University of Cape Town. She also served as Chairperson of Life Line Western Cape and National Vice Chairperson of Life Line Southern Africa. She was twice invited to study at the Oneness University in Chennai, India, where she became a qualified principal deeksha giver.

Natalia’s personal journey includes being a widow since 2000, having three step-daughters, and living in a beautiful marina in Cape Town.



Always on a topic which affects us in this momentous time of change, these are shared regularly with love and light.


In 3 popular books, I share my wisdom, insights and life experience with much humour and ruthless honesty.


The depth of exploration, group bonding and profound channellings make for magic experiences.


These nurturing meditations connect you to your inner self and lift your frequency to harmony and peace.


Intuitive Counselling

Wise, compassionate, and insightful, I have experience with the sound basic tools of counselling as well as being gifted with highly attuned intuition. Counselling appointments are available face-to-face in Marina Da Gama or via WhatsApp or Skype.

Past Life Explorations

In this cycle, many are experiencing the patterns of behaviour and beliefs which are sourced in past lives. Poverty consciousness, relationship patterns and feelings of self-doubt and low-self-esteem are common.