Live Online Classes

Online Zoom Lessons- Awakening the Radiant Self - Sept - Nov 2023

I have had so many people asking me to hold workshops online to share my teachings. I am pleased to share that I now have capacity and support to be able to hold classes online. I invite you to become one of my online live students to receive the  information that I have accumulated and, very rarely shared in a class setting over the years. The information is new information that I have received from channeling as well as through  mentorship from my personal and valued mentors through the years. I have been inspired and deeply motivated to pass this on in order to create opportunities for understanding of our energetic connections. 

This series will be made up of 3 classes taking place once a month from 20 September to 22 November 2023

To reserve your place in these limited seat classes, you can simply access the course product page in my online store and book and pay for your spot. This will be your opportunity to be in an intimate setting with other like minded individuals from here in South Africa and all over the world and for you to receive knowledge that can assist in your understanding of the ascension process.