This popular course gives you techniques to empower yourself in this current challenging cycle. They make life easier! Some areas covered are protecting yourself from Electric Magnetic Frequency, engaging with the Earth Star Chakra, balancing your 4 bodies, connecting with your soul and much more.

Time: First session 10 – 12am, second session 10 – 12am a fortnight later

This was one of the most useful, helpful and empowering workshops I have ever done.’   Joss

What a wonderful morning spent learning simple tools to integrate spirituality into our lives in a balanced, grounded way.’  Natalie

I find this workshop so valuable I want to do it a second time.’  Jamie

You have no idea how pertinent the meditation of the violet flame is for me today. I have written down my choices for the day and have done the meditation! I am so grateful for being shown these tools!’  Therin

Thanks so much for the Basic Tools – so useful and I am getting results.’ Carrie