CELEBRATE YOU! Workshop and Channellings



Have you ever truly done this? Isn’t it time? We have worked hard on ourselves and even if there is more to heal and open to, let’s step into our beingness with delight and joy and engage in life with lightness.

Time:  3 Hours: either 9am – 12pm or 2 – 5pm

This was a very profound beautiful experience for me.’ Hamid

This work has shifted me to another level of self-acceptance and self-love.’ Jane

I so enjoyed doing the work in this workshop and felt so honoured to be supported and guided by a great being of light. Well done, Natalia and Hannelore for enabling this experience.’  Andy

A beautiful, worthwhile 3 hours – fun and transformative.’ Laurianne

I felt very moved by the love and care the great beings of light have for us. My message was life-changing.’  Barrie