CONNECTING WITH YOUR SOUL Workshop and Channellings



This powerful one-day workshop will teach you to integrate the needs and desires of your human self with your divinity so your life is filled with joy and meaning. You will learn you do not have to compromise in any area of your life. You will receive personal channelled guidance from an enlightened being.

Time: 9am – 4pm

This was one of the most amazing seminars I have ever been involved in. It is a deep experience, filled with fun and joy. This work is a blessing.’ Waltraud

This day was pivotal in my life. I experienced a great shift from understanding to experience.’ Susan

A very impressive workshop.’ Laurence

It was so helpful and clarifying to understand the difference between the soul and the human, their different aspirations and how to bring them together. It was a deep, heartfelt and spiritual experience.’ Hilary

This was exactly what I needed at this time. It spoke to exactly where I am at.’ Maggie

This workshop has given me a deep sense of peace, a lightness of Being and a passion to experience this life.’ Jane