This workshop will help you to let go the inhibiting, disabling feelings of anxiety and fear. In these intense energies we cannot afford to hold on to fear as we attract exactly what we do not want. This work will open you to trust yourself and your life and to resonate with your natural joy and peace.

Time:               9.00am – 1.00pm

I am feeling very different. I have a sense of openness, expansion and peace.’ Patricia

Just to report back – I am feeling so much better. THANK YOU. I knew instinctively that I should do this workshop. Your loving support and understanding makes such a difference.’ Suzanne

This workshop has been wonderful. It has been very precious to me.’ Ena

I LITERALLY FEEL LIKE NEW!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for reminding me, shifting me and facilitating me to look at life in a new way! I’m back in my joy and it’s marvellous.’ Holly

Such a relief to be free of all the energy leaked into worry.’ Reg