NATALIA BAKER is a much loved teacher of consciousness in South Africa and her inspirational talks and workshops have been presented internationally. The impact of her presentations lies in her delightful humour, love, compassion and depth of wisdom.  A best selling author, Natalia’s work Seize the Day – a Guidebook for Changing Times, achieved  best seller status and in its second printing and her two recent publications A Guide to SelfLove and Human and Divine, a Love Story are available and providing so much light to awakening individuals. 


Prior to teaching metaphysics she was a lecturer at the University of Cape Town and Chairperson of Life Line Western Cape and National Vice Chairperson of Life Line Southern Africa.  A regular presenter of book reviews on SATV’s Free Spirit, where films on her life and work were also shown.  She was a Wisdom Keeper on SATV2’s Journey to the Core.  


DSTV Health Channel featured her on meditation for a series entitled Naturally You and she is frequently invited to broadcast, having presented monthly on a phone-in programme for a couple of years on Zone Radio, an international radio station. 


Her articles appeared regularly in Odyssey and other publications in South Africa and overseas and she was invited twice as a guest to study at the Oneness University, Chennai, India.


For 15 years, Natalia ran a monthly Full Moon Meditation for the people of Cape Town. This became so popular it had to be moved to a bigger venue. 200 attended one meditation gathering.


Currently, besides courses and public speaking engagements, Natalia has a busy counselling practice.  She says preparing video clips, quotes and exercises for her Facebook page and Instagram is like feeding a huge hungry mouth!



LATEST NEWS: Fantastic New Master Class Series on Self-Love

Natalia has recently started to record her wisdom in the form of themed Master Classes where she shares her very personal and magnificent insights in video and worksheet format. 

In the Self-Love Gateway to Freedom Course Natalia takes you through a series of 8 Master Classes to truly master your Self-Love journey


Messages of Appreciation

The wonderful course with you was uplifting, healing, helpful and inspiring. I feel your loving energy.

Simon, financial manager

You are a Master Teacher and generous mystic on my journey. You always provide a space of love.  I leave the sessions feeling on top of the world, feeling spacious and filled with Golden Light.

Anne-Lise, Director of NGO

I love your sessions.  You prepare with care and detail and deliver with joy, clarity and delicious humour.

Carol, scientist

You have given me impetus and direction. I feel so motivated when I leave your sessions.

Ulrich, farmer

Every course I do with you becomes a turning point in my life. It’s as if a little more ‘chipping away’ has been done! You open the door to an adventure in more conscious loving.

Joy, manager NGO

Thank you for the zest and pleasure you put into my life! I understand why you are so successful.

Vivi, artist

Thank you for being real and authentic and holding a space for integrity and dignifying spiritual teachings.


I really loved your course. You have a wealth of knowledge and experience for sure, but what is most compelling to me is you!. Seeing women who have come through that middle passage offering so much wisdom is  worthy of society’s deep respect. Thank you for weathering the storms and seeing your worth.

Kathy, dancer

As a result of your teachings I now feel much more comfortable with being my eccentric self! I realise I have nobody to answer to but myself! You have a light and witty, yet empathetic, way of sharing your wisdom. I honour you for your ability to remain vulnerable.

Marion, lecturer

You are special, important and valuable.  Your teaching has coloured who I am and how I experience life.  Despite all your ESP and telepathy, you are not aware of the extent to which you continue to impact the people you have enveloped in your love.

Gregov, doctor

Since doing courses with you the overall senser of who I am, what I do, my motivations, sense of purpose, calmness, surrender and trust, are all positive and healthy.

Bridget, musician.