Breaking Free From Control

Unleash your Inner Freedom and Live Your Best Life!

Have you ever thought about how you have been manipulated and controlled by society, governments, religious systems, finance, advertising and more?

Have you ever thought how these forces suck the innate passion and love of life from you?

Have you ever thought how it would be to be FREE? To be your true natural self, flowing with energy and joy? To express your REAL SELF?

You will be so delighted and happy when you disentangle yourself form the many ways that control has been inflicted on you.


There were many topics I could have chose to create another video course. I decided to ask my beloved guide, mentor and teacher which would be appropriate. He said “None of them!”. I felt quite shocked. “Well what then?” I asked. He said Ït is time people realised how controlled they are. We can never move forward as a society into oneness and unity on this planet until the scourge of manipulation and control is released from all people.

It is something that can only happen ONE AT A TIME.”


This is an opportunity you cannot miss if you are growing into the light of your true self.


A personal note: I have done this work. Life presented it to me and I could not avoid it. It was staggering to realise how much I was carrying of ancestral and social conditioning and a wonderful journey of liberation and delight to let all that go and to become authentically myself.

There are 5 Master Class Sessions on Breaking Free which you complete on my online learning platform on

These cover:

Session 1: Understanding Control

This introduction, besides offering an overview of the course,  gives a solid springboard for the exploration of the different sources from which control comes to us. It compares our purest state of being, our soul presence, and how this Self is lost as we allow ourselves to be manipulated and controlled. Rules are human creations. spirit has no agenda. The two basic types of control are described, ‘soft’ and oppressive. There is encouragement to engage with the worksheets and meditations as these are where the real ‘shifts’ and realisations can be grounded into you!

Session 2: Deep Dive Into Your Restrictive Conditioning

An exploration of our childhood conditioning and the way the ‘Father Christmas Effect’ is set up. Our development through stages until we come to the point of asking questions which has resulted in an advancing global consciousness since 2012. I share my personal experience of the realisation of conditioned programming, the erroneous beliefs I held and how these were healed passing these healing methods on to you in the worksheets and meditations.

Session 3: Global Control – Are You Free? 

We investigate how and what some of these global patterns of control are, how they cause fear and anxiety, and divorce us from the major focus of this time which is accessing our true Self and claiming our worth and value.  The outcome of AI is not yet clear: will it advance or sabotage our journey to the light? There are innovations and inventions pouring in which offer societal solutions and weaken the malevolent agenda. I offer guidelines and principles for living and progressing today as  empowered, independent individuals which are followed up in the worksheets and meditations.

Session 4: Living from Inside Out 

This session covers the importance of sourcing yourself from within and using the power and truth if your inner guidance system, the intuition, and the ways in which we download information and nudges from this part of us. Living from the mind makes us vulnerable to outside controls and influences, as seen by the influence of the media. The planetary movements against control and the power of trusingt lead into the worksheets and meditations.

Session 5: The Only Authority is You

Being the creator of your life means releasing controls, manipulations and living free of fear, being truly Who You Are! Your wholeness brings healing to the planet and the time is NOW, as the restrictions on our consciousness (Membranes of Light and the Ring-Past-Knot)  no longer need affect us. There is a Light Epidemic! Forces of the future, bringing soul and human together and the return of the spirit of freedom,  are explored and woven into the two final meditation experiences.

I would love to see you working on this topic in a group so more people are able to break free helping each other understand the concepts offered.

Your investment Breaking Free from Control