Imagine yourself and your life when you love every aspect of you

This series of 8 Master Classes in Self-Love can support you to achieve this with powerful effective processes and meditations. The work is not superficial. It will give you tools to engage with your inner self to heal emotionally, remove blocks to self-love and in this process discover your true self.

Start today. Self-love opens a golden door for you.

I say this from deep experience. An unsettled childhood included exposure to alcoholism, violence, sex abuse and consequently the depth of depression and despair for which I was hospitalized. I had no idea who I was or what possibilities life held.  It has taken years of healing to become whole but the final turn of the key to unlocking the door to who I truly am, has been self-love.

I recommend it to you highly.

You can change feelings of worthlessness, inadequacy, self-doubt, pessimism, lack of confidence, a broken heart and despair through the healing balm of the love of self.

Feedback about the course so far:

I have felt  this self-love course in my heart and soul as I have done it.

I am experiencing  a whole new frequency high and peacefulness.

This course has been life changing for me in every way.

This Master Class Series includes:

8 Masterclass Sessions to bring in the matrix of self-love for yourself and your life which you complete via my online learning platform on

These  cover:

1.     Introduction to Self-Love: Welcome Back to Yourself

2.     Self-Acceptance: The Healing Balm

3.     Receive or Lose Out on the Gifts of The Universe

4.     Self-Love: The Abundance Attractor

5.     First Love Yourself: The Cornerstone of Service

6.     Love your Body, Your Body will Love You

7.     Self-Love: Creator of Harmony and Acceptance in Relationships

8.     Making Self-Love Grow. Living Consciously.

The content of the talks is supported by carefully chosen exercises which are profoundly healing

They will bring changes to you and your life.

Each session is followed up with meditations which, as you know, bring substantial shifts in consciousness as they support your growth in self-love energetically, raising your frequency…

Self-love transforms your relationship with yourself and your life. Change the way you feel about yourself and fly.

With self-love you will be your own lighthouse!

If you need a little more information, PICTURE THIS…

  • Others commenting on how you have changed and how you shine
  • You connect with others through the heart
  • You have understanding for yourself and have learnt to accept yourself
  • Your relationships flourish
  • Abundance flows with ease and you let go of all thoughts of limitation or lack
  • Compassion for others deepens the compassion for yourself
  • You feel connected and calm
  • You find solace and happiness in your own company
  • You give yourself permission to harness true joy in this lifetime
  • You recognise your unique gifts and perfection
  • Your body responds with health and energy
  • Connection with spirit becomes alive and clear within you

After the course you are authentically empowered – you are in touch with your needs and you have clear boundaries.

You live with peace, joy, guided intuitively and with confidence because you know who you are.

Your soul is waiting for you to come home...
by loving yourself

Your investment in this beautiful Self-Love practice:
Special launch offer only R1500 ($77*) for a limited time
Original value of R3500 ($177*)
*Rand/USD exchange rates may fluctuate somewhat at this time

A suggestion for you from Natalia: Why don’t you form a group with a couple of friends to do this course? It is enriching to share the learnings and experiences of the processes and do the meditations together.

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