Free chapter: Your Relationship With Your Body


I chose to write about the subject of self-love because, except for a few individuals, it is a topic which is neglected in our society today and there is much misunderstanding around it. Firstly, people fear they will become arrogant and self-satisfied if they love themselves. Has love, real love, ever made anyone arrogant and self-satisfied? Secondly, there is an idea that self-love is expressed through having numerous beauty treatments and wearing smart clothes. Of course, these are a part of self-care but they do not necessarily come under the banner of self-love.

When we truly love ourselves, it is reflected back to us in fulfilment in work, relationships, improved health and the flow of abundance. All humans yearn for love but, in truth, the deepest love we seek can only be found in ourselves. Self-love not only heals you but your whole world benefits as you heal yourself. Self-love is the most important gift you can give yourself at this time.

The book provides a valuable reference guide to check what stands in the way of you loving yourself. It has 25 self-love processes, exercises and meditations which are not only fun to do but will certainly increase the expression of love for yourself. There are chapters on key areas of our lives which can be transformed through self-love, such as abundance, our bodies, our relationships. Time is speeding up. There is less and less opportunity to study so this is a short guide with quick, easy references nad powerful meaningful quotations. The writing is clear and accessible and filled with humour and insights.

I believe self-love will change the world and integrating the information packed on these pages will definitely change you and your life forever, as it has mine!