Free chapter: Dark Night of the Soul


This is an account of a relationship in which I experienced that we are not singular physical beings but there exist aspects of us living in many different dimensions, doing and experiencing different realities. On the earth plane it was a relationship of unrequited love – what’s new? – but the higher dimensions experienced fully and wondrously with a twin soul was both a deep learning, absorbing, fascinating and fulfilling.

I have been ruthlessly honest about the role of my ego in this relationship. It was a major initiation which brought me from wounded human to self-realisation. The narrative is made unusual due to my ability to download information and guidance from advanced beings in higher realms.

The book describes the multi-dimensional experiences, the breakdown of self through an excruciating dark night of the soul, the healing through self-love, understanding the difference between the human and the divine and how they  dance together, and then the actual experience of self-realisation. I understand to reach this state of consciousness was the reason for this painful and ruthless chapter in my existence.

A respected author described this book as ‘Irresistible! Imminently readable and filled with wisdom and humour’. I know the earthly is juxtaposed against the spiritual with authenticity and congruence.

I wondered why my spiritual guides were encouraging me to write this story. Not only was the process clarifying and deeply healing but I sense it is time for us to acknowledge and accept we are living many time lines in different places and dimensions. It is for us to reclaim our vast and true identity and this book will truly help initiate awareness of this expanded consciousness.