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Class Bundle_Awakening the Radiant Self

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3 classes held online is now available for sale at a discounted price.




Natalia recently held a few live zoom classes. We have bundled these for your viewing. Simply purchase your bundle and you will receive the links to view her classes.

This bundle contains the following classes:

Wisdom of Receiving

  • Takes the battle, struggle and effort out of life
  • You receive the beauty and majesty of the light which is all around you
  • It is simple and one of the most important skills to develop at this time
  • You will be blessed with clarity, guidance, energy, consciousness
  • The light will serve you

Higher Heart

  • Your higher heart is the doorway to universal, unconditional love, your greatest strength
  • Respect love and gratitude become cornerstones for all relationships and the planetary and cosmic environment
  • The world becomes an interrelated whole
  • This love is not “soft” but deeply compassionate and understanding
  • It is the gateway to remembering Who You Are

Light Body

  • Acknowledging and allowing the light body brings heaven and earth together
  • It changes your DNA, reduces pain levels, slows aging and much more
  • You return to your true sovereignty