First Aid Meditations




  1. Connecting with Your Soul
  2. Clearing Negative Emotion
  3. Introduction to the Empowerment Technique
  4. Empowerment Technique
  5. Sending Healing to an Individual or Place
  6. Alleviating Shock and Trauma for the Planet, an Individual or a Community
  7. Cleansing a Living Space
  8. Decision Making Process
  9. Easing a Problem Situation or Relationship
  10. Using your Intuition
  11. Taking Charge of Yourself and Your Life
  12. Restoring Self Love
  13. Releasing Fear


It is very empowering to have tools you can use for everyday states and situations which seem to crop up endlessly in this time of intense change. None of these processes are long and once you have done them a couple of times you will remember them and be able to do them anywhere, any time. The titles are self-explanatory. I have found Track 4 Empowerment Technique extraordinarily helpful, especially when you have to face a situation or person and you do not feel confident. It is valuable to do Track 5 Aura Cleanse.

regularly as we so easily pick up energies from others and our environment. The different focuses are all valuable and as you use these tracks and clear your energy field you will vibrate at a much higher frequency and draw all good things to you!