Free chapter: Choice


This is a comprehensive guide to living in these times of breakdown and renewal. Now in it’s third edition, it is a popular and helpful adjunct to understanding and surviving with some ease and grace.

Natalia Baker’s style of writing is easy to read and humorous whilst imparting deep wisdom and insights. She does not simply share information and knowledge in an intellectual manner, but presents her own vulnerabilities and fragilities with ruthless honesty as well as the learning which presented themselves in the unfolding of her life.  As you read you may be inspired to integrate more deeply there is great purpose in this time which offers the opportunity to live as conscious creative expressions of Source.

Each section of the book is completely relevant to this cycle. The first part contains 26 chapters on major topics in which many are engaged, such as the Authentic Self, Self-Love, Abundance, Intuition and so on. The answers to the most often asked questions are explored in the second section. These include Ascension, Mastery, Re-incarnation, Psychic Abilities and Dreams. A third section contains responses to e-mails she has received on common topics such as ‘Not feeling Good Enough’, ‘Inner Child Healing’. ‘Why do I always expect the Worst?’. The final section is focussed on how, with commitment and diligence, we can invest in healing ourselves to become whole, joyful, abundant and empowered.

The book is enriched throughout by the many meditations, affirmations, decrees, exercises, reflections and checklists. The content not only points to a way of being but shows you how to get there!

An invaluable resource for anyone who is wanting to learn more and take advantage of the potential each person has to evolve at this time.