The Goddess Within You Meditations




  1. Introduction
  2. The Feminine Divine
  3. Maiden: Your Body as Temple
  4. Mother: The Nature of Nurture
  5. Wise Woman: Marriage of Body and Spirit


These meditations are designed to awaken and develop in you the primary archetypal energies of the Feminine Divine: firstly, the all-encompassing receptivity and love of this energy, then the magical sensuality of the Maiden as she recognizes her body is soul manifested by the senses, the Mother’s nurturing, encompassing compassion and healing and finally, the perfect balance of the Wise Woman as she holds all the seasons of the soul: dark and light, suffering and joy, masculine and feminine, expansion and contraction. As I mention in Track 1 The Introduction, we can flow through the cycle of Maiden, Mother and Wise Woman (the Crone) many times through a day, bringing forth what is required in any moment. It has nothing to do with chronological age for, as women, we weave and interlace them altogether as they work on every level of our earthly existence: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Through their energetic resonance you will bring healing and growth to your current attitudes, beliefs and behaviour about being a woman. It is work that breaks thousands of years of cultural, religious, historical, racial and national conditioning which has demeaned the feminine. There is service in this healing for as we heal we create a “flight path” making it easier for those that follow.

Track 2 The Feminine Divine, is invaluable when you find you are out of balance, over-busy and using too much of your male side but it is also wonderful to simply imbue yourself with the essence of the feminine.  Track 3 Maiden: Your Body as Temple will bring you into a delicious sensual, appreciative relationship with your physical form. Track 4 Mother: The Nature of Nurture will gently take you to the essence of the Divine Mother, with the fullness of her protective, understanding and wise qualities. Track 5 Wise Woman: Marriage of Body and Spirit brings you into the full power and beingness of the feminine.