Abundance and Prosperity Vol 1




  1. Introduction
  2. The Golden Flame
  3. Introduction to The Seven Steps
  4. The Seven Steps
  5. The Abundant Smile
  6. Introduction to Clearing Negative Beliefs
  7. Clearing Negative Beliefs around Abundance and Prosperity
  8. Tapping into the Source of Abundance and Prosperity


Abundance and prosperity are still major issues for many of us. It is often conditioning from past lives in which we lived in religious orders, both East and West, and made vows of poverty. The New Energy invites us to revel in every aspect of abundance which gives us joy, freedom, and  delight as well as expansion of consciousness.

Abundance is our natural state. By doing any of these meditations daily you will find the restrictive fear and anxiety around lack, such as running out of money, not having enough, will gradually disappear. You will be able to hold the vibration of abundance with ease. It transforms you and your life which becomes fun and joyful. If you have been holding negativity around abundance and prosperity, please do Track 7 Clearing Negative Beliefs around Abundance and Prosperity several times to clear the conditioning.

Enjoy these meditations. It is so liberating not to be restricted by lack of abundance. You truly fly free!