Abundance and Prosperity Vol 2




  1. Introduction to Symbols of Abundance and Prosperity
  2. The Symbols of Abundance and Prosperity
  3. The Angel of Abundance and Prosperity
  4. Choosing Abundance and Prosperity
  5. The Universe Supports You
  6. Introduction to Healing your Relationship to Money
  7. Healing our Relationship to Money


As the meditations on Abundance and Prosperity 1 done regularly will attune you to the fullness of abundance, so you release all fears nad restrictions. My own experience has demonstrated that, despite the new consciousness and life moving at an accelerated pace, it has taken dedicated and regular attention to change my beliefs and experience from fear, anxiety and lack to complete trust and the flow of abundance. Please remember that the energy of receptivity and gratitude are essential in being able to heal any sense of lack.

All these tracks are designed to raise your frequency so you can resonate with the divine flow of abundance, in which all your needs and requirements will be met, naturally and fully.

If you are struggling with money issues, you will find Track 7 Healing your Relationship with Money very helpful. Listen to Track 6 The Introduction too.