Quick Fix Meditations




  1. Head to Heart
  2. Anger Release
  3. I Forgive
  4. Protecting Myself
  5. Aura Cleanse
  6. Letting go Fear
  7. Turning Life around with Gratitude
  8. I’m Confident and Powerful
  9. It’s Fun
  10. I now feel


Similar to the First Aid Meditations, these tracks give you tools to align and move from stress, heavy emotions, confusion and anxiety to a feeling of lightness, openness, love and empowerment. Not only are they excellent for clearing your energy field, but they work efficiently and effectively when you do not have time for a longer meditation. Emotional states such as anger, being too much in the head, fear, feeling powerless, being too serious are all addressed with these short ‘fixes’. They truly work to clear your energy field and change your frequency.

Once you have done them a couple of times you will be able to do them at any time and in any place. Remember the energies we are living in reflect back to us our own inner state so as soon as your heart is open, you feel calm and confident, your world starts to reflect order and positivity back to you and you can handle anything life throws at you!