Earth Healing Meditations




  1. Introduction
  2. Introduction to Alleviate Shock and Trauma on the Planet
  3. To Alleviate Shock and Trauma on the Planet
  4. Introduction to Holding the Light
  5. Holding the Light
  6. Earth Healing with the Violet Flame
  7. Earth Healing through the Heart
  8. Introduction to Manifesting a Joyful Earth
  9. Manifesting a Joyful Earth


We are becoming increasingly aware that we are custodians and guardians of this planet and more and more individuals are taking responsibility for honouring and caring for it. There is still much to be done to repair and heal the neglect and abuse humanity has inflicted on this beautiful earth from ignorance, greed and arrogance. These beautiful meditations bless the earth and all living forms with healing, harmony, balance, love and gratitude. You will feel these states within yourself as you go through the processes. I have had reports of many groups using these tracks in their regular meetings.