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Bundle: Higher Self and Stepping Into Your Power – Your Authentic Self

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Higher Self Description

  1. Introduction
  2. Connecting
  3. The Three-fold Flame
  4. The Meeting
  5. The Mystical Marriage

Higher Self Guidelines

In this cycle we are being encouraged to consciously connect with our Higher Selves so that the human and divine can dance together in joy and we can recognise our true essential nature. The human has needs of comfort, security and daily requirements whereas the Higher Self simply shines like a beautiful sun. It loves the human unconditionally, observing the human having an earthly experience and it never ever judges.

These meditations will build your relationship with the Higher Self  which you develop through an open heart. Track 2 Connecting increases your frequency to resonate more with your divinity.  Track 3 The Threefold Flame moves you into the depth of your heart. Track 4 The Meeting gives you an experience of the love and permanent presence of your Higher Self and encourages you to communicate and hear its wisdom. Track 5 The Mystical Marriage is the union between the human and divine, and the goal of our journey: recognising who we are and expanding our consciousness at this time.

I hope you will be enriched and enlivened by these meditations.

Stepping Into Your Power Description

  1. Introduction to Authentic Power
  2. Introduction to Empowerment Technique
  3. Empowerment Technique
  4. Being Present
  5. Concluding Comments to Being Present
  6. Meditation Connecting with Heaven and Earth
  7. Peace and Love
  8. Choosing to be Powerful
  9. Introduction to Decording
  10. Decording

Stepping Into Your Power Guidelines

As we claim our power and step into our authentic self, the truth of who we are guides us through our lives with intuition, confidence, clarity and integrity. Anyone who is empowered lives their life through choice and decision (Track 6 Choosing to be Powerful), can speak their truth appropriately in all situations, have self-esteem without arrogance and truly enjoy their life and who they are (Track 3 Being Present). They are most often peaceful and loving (Track 5 Peace and Love)and are able to put down clear boundaries. There is also a clear balance between heart and mind, human and divine (Track 4 Connecting with Heaven and Earth).

An invaluable tool  is Track 8 De-cording Process. The full explanation is given in Track 7 Introduction to De-cording. It is a technique whereby you can remove any negative energies between you and another person. It does not diminish the love but simply takes away any toxicity, resentment or judgement.