Self Love Meditations




  1. Introduction to Clearing Lack of Self Love
  2. Clearing Lack of Self Love
  3. Lake of Self Love
  4. Introduction to Rose in the Heart
  5. Rose in the Heart
  6. Introduction to Affirming Self Love
  7. Affirming Self Love
  8. The Receiving Meditation


Self-love is essential and one of the major characteristics  required if we are to ascend in consciousness. Many fear becoming arrogant and self-satisfied if they love themselves. How can real love do that? We are working with love, not ego!

If a lack of self love is an issue for you, you might consider doing one of these meditations daily for 2 – 3 weeks, until you can experience a healing in your relationship with yourself. After that, you might want to do one now and then just as a refresher, to keep you “on track”. Most importantly, when you come out of the meditations, avoid leaping up from your chair or the floor and getting on with the day. Come out of the meditation s-l-o-w-l-y, open your eyes and bring the inner vibration with you into the outer world. In this way you will accelerate the effect of the meditation. I like to call it “bringing the magic into your day with you”.