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Bundle – Radiant Health Meditations and Healing of Emotions Meditations

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Radiant Health Meditations Description

  1. Introduction
  2. Introduction to Healing Visualisation for a Specific Condition
  3. Healing Visualisation for a Specific Condition
  4. White Light Healing
  5. Radiant Health
  6. Process to Discover Source of a Condition

Radiant Health Meditations Guidelines

I have received reports from people using these meditations who say they  have derived great benefit for healing various conditions. Obviously, the medical or natural medicine route is not to be overlooked, but as an adjunct to them these visualisations can bring enormous relief. Research shows that the use of visualisation has brought about many remarkable healings.

Maximum benefit is derived from these meditations when you start with a clear intention, whether that is to assist in detoxifying, revitalizing yourself if you are particularly tired or to help heal a particular condition.

The meditation titles are self-explanatory but it would be helpful to mention two tracks:

Track 4 White Light Healing can be used as a regular daily meditation. You will find it will reduce densities in your auric field which are the accumulation of negative or fearful thoughts and feelings. It helps you attune to joy and peace and affirms you as an expression of the light of your soul. It can have a powerful effect in improving energy levels.

Track 5 Radiant Health is excellent for re-educating your consciousness into claiming your natural birth right of perfect health, vitality and beauty. It  balances you  and you may find you are able to maintain a better level of energy throughout the day.

If you do one of these meditations in the morning, at the end, sit for a moment with your eyes open and take the feeling of renewed energy and health into your outer world with you. Feel your new healthy self connecting with your day before you get on with it.

Healing of Emotions Meditations Description

  1. Introduction to Releasing Old Patterns with the Violet Flame
  2. Releasing Old Patterns with the Violet Flame
  3. Meditation to Develop Trust and Let Go
  4. Surrender Meditation
  5. Introduction to Inner Child Healing
  6. Healing your Inner Child
  7. To Speak your Truth
  8. Introduction to 4 Bodies Meditation
  9. Balancing your 4 Bodies

Healing of Emotions Meditations Guidelines

I have found it very helpful working with therapeutic meditations over the years. If you combine the inner process with some journaling, have a clear intention of what you want to heal and ask spirit to support you, you will find you can let go most old conditioning effectively and quickly. Your high vibrations cannot hold the resonance of fear-based, discordant or restricted behaviour patterns.

Track 1 Releasing Old Patterns with the Violet Flame  is very powerful and if you use it  several times, the issue will be transmuted. Track 3 Surrender and 4 Developing Trust and Letting go Control support us to live with grace. Do these meditations for a while if fear or self-doubt are issues for you, until you find yourself having more faith in yourself and life. Track 4 Healing the Inner Child is a meditation you may need to do regularly for a while to fully heal. Please listen to the information at the beginning of the track. Track 5 To Speak your Truth will help you find and clear the blockage to speak clearly and honestly. Track 6 Balancing your Four Bodies is extraordinarily helpful. If one of your bodies is predominant (physical, emotional, mental or spiritual) you cannot be empowered or live aligned with your soul. You may find it fascinating to hear what each body says to you as you progress through the meditation. For a long time my mental body appeared as a giant saying “Give us a break” until I started to live from the heart!